A Dozen is 12. The ingredients are on the shelf. Bake the cake to perfection. Hey, it's the best confection!

Adobe Premiere Pro is quite the work to master. But I did learn some of the basics and more.

Having never ever edited a video using Adobe Premiere Pro, using the software to create the video, draft by draft, improvement by improvement, comments after comments, was tough. I mean, I did catch up fast on the software, thanks to YouTube tutorials and some guidance by Ms Xuewen, who already has experience using the software to make videos for the Tech company’s project. Some things like Adding in the relevant screenshots, boxes, highlighting and zoom-ins and zoom outs, blending in the audio timing with the relevant images and video transitioning, making the scrolling of websites appear smooth in the video, were all features I had to learn through video tutorials and some navigating of my own around the software. In this week, starting out with a draft one on Monday, I ended up taking each day to create a new draft and in the end, on the final day of the week, the fifth draft of the video was apparently loved by both of the client and Ms Melissa, and they happily approved the fifth draft as the final video for that particular video. Quoting the client here, “Professional-looking” and “Wow” is what they said for my video draft. Talk about spring at the opportunity to redeem respect and skills, and I was praised. Video editing somehow is working for me and I am doing a good job at it. Not that I am bragging, but just stating what I have been told. And as a continuation of it, in the coming week, I have another video to edit and create drafts of. This video is sort of an extension to the video I have done this week. From exploring a Starter Pack activity’s page in one video, I have to now create a video on exploring a Starter Pack activity itself.



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